Osiris Rising

Osiris Rising is an independent alternative metal band from South Florida U.S. who did not reach an international audience until after the death of their lead guitar player, Joseph Robert Arthur (1982 to 2006). Osiris Rising was known for blending hard rock and metal styles. Much of their music incorporated brooding melodies, ambient interludes, progressive arrangements and tormented lyrics. While some songs are considered hard rock, post rock or even punk.

The band was created in 2002 by the late Joe Arthur, drummer Brian Vorisek, and Peruvian born vocalist Michael Ibarra. All three were musicians on the Fort Lauderdale underground music scene. Bass player Paul (Papa Middy) Arthur joined the band in 2003.

Most reviewers have tagged their sound as somewhere between metal and grunge. The guitar player and drummer both named a wide range musical influences including; Type O Negative, Tool, Opeth, Alice In Chains, & Led Zeppelin. Combined with Michael Ibarra's raw, high-flying voice, the unorthodox mix of influences gained attention from listeners of many different styles of music.

Osiris Rising turned down an opportunity with Drive Thru Records in 2004 to pursue an indie CD release. Their notorious (alcohol fueled) live shows and unique sound earned the band a multitude of concerts in Florida rock clubs from Orlando to Miami. Their debut album Diluting The Gene Pool, released in 2005, has received international airplay on college radio, internet radio, POD casts, and most notably on Radio Belgrade 202 in Serbia and Radio Free Iraq.

Joseph Robert Arthur died in a car accident just weeks after the band had begun pursuing a record deal with Atlantic Records early in 2006, leaving the band without its creative force and primary songwriter. The remaining band members laid Osiris Rising to rest as a tribute to their departed guitar player.

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